Are You TRIGGERED And On A Verge Of RELAPSING? // Eating Disorder Recovery

I have been a bit absent from Youtube for a while because I took some time to charge my own batteries and get more rest. But I’m back now with more videos to come! 🙂

So in today’s video, I talk about feeling triggered and being on a verge of relapsing. Maybe you have felt that throughout your recovery and want to stay on track but still find yourself falling in the same old cycle of feeling triggered and then relapsing again and again.

I understand you because I went through the same in my recovery! Triggers are everywhere – trying on old clothes that don’t fit anymore, hearing a triggering comment, dieters talking about weight loss around us, feeling like you have gained weight and feeling panicky about it…it all happens to most everybody in recovery.

BUT in order to fully recover you have to stop this endless cycle and commit to recovery 100% in order to come out from the other side. And for this reason, you need to develop a mindset that is fully focused on recovery and helps you keep on going no matter what. And this is what I’m gonna talk about today!

Hope it helps! You can do this! <3

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