7 Day Fear Food Challenge! ♡ Eating Disorder Recovery

If you have a restrictive eating disorder then likely you have many fear foods? Foods you maybe have avoided eating completely or have lots of rules around? And probably you would like to overcome this fear to fully recover, right?

One of the fastest ways to get over those fear foods is to actually go on and eat them! The more you expose yourself to those foods the sooner those foods will normalize and lose their power over you. Challenging the fear foods can be an important process of rewiring the brain so you can actually start to enjoy eating them and lose the fear and obsession around them.

With my private coaching clients we often do these fear food challenges and as a result,each and every one of them experiences less fear and obsession with foods and even overcome their fear foods completely!

But often what we need is support and accountability to get through this process. So I thought something really cool we could do together next week 🙂

I’m very excited to invite you to join this 7 Day Fear Food Challenge I will host on my Instagram and private Facebook group.

?Starts from Monday, August 20th. ? And it’s completely FREE to participate for anybody!

Please see today’s video to hear more: “7 Day Fear Food Challenge”

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7 Day Fear Food Challenge! ♡ How to participate?

You can participate in 2 places, choose whichever you want.

1) On my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followtheintuition/

2) On my private FB group (must answer 3 questions before joining): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1845006062426847

On Monday, August 20th I will make a “Day 1” post and this is where you can share about your day in the comments. Each day I will make a new post (Day 2, Day 3…). You can be held accountable, get support and cheer others!

I will post some tips and inspiration for you as the challenge progresses. I will also answer your questions and hopefully share the successes and wins of others who participate! ♡

NB! If you share your pictures/posts of this challenge on social media you can use a hashtag #7dayfearfoodchallenge and I will see all those posts! 🙂

1 thought on “7 Day Fear Food Challenge! ♡ Eating Disorder Recovery”

  1. Hi Elisa,

    I’m in recovery at the moment and hoping to start working through my fear foods. I wondered if you’d think about doing another one of these challenges again? It would be so helpful for me to go through this with others.


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