6 Steps To Full Eating Disorder Recovery Using The LAW OF ATTRACTION

The Law of attraction works with all parts of life, also for eating disorder recovery. Even before I knew how to recover or when will it happen I started to practice the Law of Attraction to attract my full recovery, to be a normal eater and be completely free from eating disorder. In this video, I talk about the exact steps I took.

I will break them down for you for reference:
1. Be Very Clear Of What You Want!
2. Write Down Your Ideal Recovery Vision!
3. Visualize Your Full Recovery!
4. You Have To Feel It!
5. Be Grateful Of Your Full Recovery!
6. Take Action!

In this video, I tell you how to put all these steps together. How to use visualizations, affirmations and the power of positive emotions to make the Law Of Attraction work!

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