50 Best Quotes On Instagram For Eating Disorder Recovery

Happy new year!!! :))) 😀

To start this year with a positive kick in the butt I searched for the most positive and inpiring eating disorder recovery related quotes on Instagram. If you feel you have some of your own best ones to share you can post them in the comments below!

The quotes here are in no particular order but just a bunch of cool, clever, awesome, inspiring, true piece of thoughts, advice, comments, quotes I found on Instragram 🙂 You can read the original caption by going to the author’s page (link provided with all pics). Below every picture I decided to add my own two cents of why I love this quote. So let’s get started!

  1. @amalielee

The most progress is made in recovery when you get out of your ED comfort zone and start getting uncomfortable! This is when the ED starts dying becuase you are actually changing something instead of always doing what it wants.

2. @bodypositiveteens

Yes! True story! I did it that way until my brain and my self-image changed. I told myself I am worthy, I am beautiful, and I love myself so many times that I actually started to believe it! This is how you dig yourself out from the ED brainwash.

3. @adinariversofficial

We all love browsing through social media pics and unfortunately some of them can negatively impact our body image, make us feel unworthy, not cool or pretty enough. So keep on reminding to yourself that what we often see on social media is not real life but can be edited, photoshopped, beautyfied in many ways. So remember what is real and what is not, do not let social media get into your head.

4. @nourishandeat

Eating disorder recovery is not only days with success, so delete that expectation right now. It’s normal to have days where you feel down and hopeless … BUT the key here is to still push forward, to not give up and keep going no matter what. THIS is where true change happens! This is the magic component why some people are able to fully recover – they sit through the uncomfortable feeling and keep going despite of it!

5. @emma.sheehy

No matter what the ED tells you today, no matter how uncomfortable and exhausted you feel, do not give up! I look back at my recovery now and am SO thankful that I didn’t gave in, that I kept on going. I can honestly say all the struggle in recovery will after be worth it million times!

6. @laurenfowlerrdn

We always want to do more, be busy, be productive, get s*** done. You are not being lazy or shelfish if you take a day for yourself…or a year. Getting fully recovered is your only job and commitment you need to attend to right now! In recovery you NEED to give yourself time to just relax, breathe, and just be.

7. @kylasokollward

My personal experience! The more you try to control food the more it starts to control you! But if you can have some food every day and as much as you want, with no restriction or control, the food loses it’s power over you!

8. @omgkenzieee

Repeat the positive thoughts day after day. Tell yourself how important, awesome and beautiful person you are! When you can obsess about that for a while watch how your mind magically shifts!

9. @bodyposipanda

Weighing yourself is the same way pointless as measuring how tall you are. Why we let some number make us feel like shit? Let’s meassure our compassion, character, talent, purpose, strenght and love instead! This is what truly matters!

10. @madelynmoon

In ED and in recovery we tend to overthink, overanalyze, obsess about stuff. But realise that these are only thoughts, a creation of your past, they became so dominant in your mind becuase you have repeated them for days, months, years…it’s just a brainwash! These thoughts have nothing to do with the possibility of who you can be in the future or even who you are today. Let the old thoughts go! Clear your mind! You can change your thoughts, unbrainwash yourself and claim a new reality!

11. @tallulah_moon

You go gurrll!

12. @theashleygraham

YASS! Instead of worrying and criticising our looks let’s become obsessed about how hot, sexy and beautiful we are!

13. @frances_cannon

Every part of your body is beautiful! Nuff said!

14. @joannathangiah

Aren’t you exhausted about hating yourself? Does it lift you up yet? Or does it consume your life-force instead? I would much rather work hard on loving myself, every bits of my body and soul…than spend my life in negativity and self-hate.

15. @bodypositivepear

You do not have to feel great all the f***ing time! Especially in recovery! You can cry, punch some pillows and let yourself be down! We have to start accepting all of our emotions instead of trying to mask them! Love yourself just the way you are, with bad days and all! You are just human!

16. @brittanyburgunder

Let’s get real about recovery. Recovery is not a straight line. You will go through some trial and error, good days and bad days, feeling accomplished and then on a verge of relapse. BUT, if you can still keep going despite all of it you WILL get to full recovery!

17. @therunwayriot

Some of the most important lessons are not even taught in school. Let’s take that s*** to our own hands! Let’s learn how to love ourselves!

18. @iammelwells

This is how I feel now after recovering from bulimia and orthorexia. In eating disorder my middle name was “Guilty”…. But now…hell no!

19. @isabelfoxenduke

Eating disorder makes us stress and obsess about stuff that are not even real or logical. It makes us think about food and our body ALL day! You worry about little things (that are big things in your head). “Was it too much fat? Was it healthy and clean? Do I need to burn it off later? It’s 10 calories more than I had yesterday, I gained 100g today!” – This is the ED bullshit, do not listen!

20. @jes_bartram

Yes! Our physical and mental health go hand in hand. They are not separate! Even when you eat the most “healthy and clean” diet in the world but still have an eating disorder it’s NEVER healthy! NEVER!

21. @followtheintuition

Our body knows how to eat intuitively just as it knows how to breathe intuitively and how much we need sleep intuitively. We do not need to calculate how much oxygen we take in today to make sure we do not end up “over breathing”. If you are sleep deprived you will get so tired and sleepy…you won’t think it’s abnormal, you would say its natural! Your body is smart, it knows what it’s doing, but we as humans tend to interfere with our mind too much, we overthink, we over calculate everyting, we think our body is stupid…The more you try to control food, the more it starts to control YOU. The more you restrict the more hungry and obsessed you will become with foods. Your body is smart, trust it, follow it…but work on your mindset, to not interefere with your body natural processes and let it do it’s job!

22. @samanthamariaofficial

You have to stop hating yourself becuase you have/had an eating disorder. I’m not saying to “looove” this experience but to accept it, accept yourself and move on. In order to truly love yourself you need to forgive yourself! Love yourself as a whole person, with all the experiences that shaped you. When you LEARN from the experience there is no bad experience.

23. @omgkenzieee

We need to restrict “perfect” body and food restriction obsessed culture. That is truly the only thing we need to restrict. I feel lighter already!

24. @madelynmoon

Instead of body shaming and criticising your looks in the mirror… see your uniqueness, your personality, your character, your fabulousness! Because, lets face it – you are a unicorn, there is nobody else like you in the whole wide world!

25. @bodypositiveteens

In recovery you do not need to criticise yourself if you have a bad day. Sometimes it’s ok to just have a day, feed yourself, stay alive, wear your pajamas a whole day and just be. It’s not called being lazy or a failure – it’s called surviving! It will get better, I promise.

26. @emma.sheehy

I wish all woman would obsessed about this #bodygoal!

27. @frances_cannon

Practicing daily self-care in recovery is a must! This will restore your relationship with yourself, makes you honor and respect your body more. Take care of yourself daily by pampering yourself!

28. @bodyposipanda

Having a good relationship with food, no eating disorder, is healthier ANY DAY than eating a “perfect diet” with food obsessions, guilt, anxiety, cravings and self-loathing.

29. @brittanyburgunder

Sometimes you have to remind yourself that even when you feel you could do better than this… you are still doing the best you can in current time and in the current situation. Still support and love yourself no matter what!

30. @joannathangiah

If you are trying to recover from and eating disorder while attending school know that recovery is still your most important priority. If it means few bad grades or having to miss classes it’s always way better than staying in eating disorder and not recovering. Talk to your teacher to help you in this situation and find the best solution for you so you can keep your mental health top priority.

31. @therunwayriot

Pretty is a state of mind. Yes, you can decide to be pretty right now, just the way you are.

32. @isabelfoxenduke

If you can love yourself just the way you are in this “perfect body” obsessed world then this is the greatest accomplishment!

33. @jes_bartram

Happiness is not a thing, not a number on the scare, or found in the organic kale smoothie, you cannot achieve it by buying the size zero clothes or inject it into your lips – happinness is a state of mind, achievable in any given moment, weight or size.

34. @nourishandeat

You follow the ED voice, allow ED to dictate your self-worth and tell you how much food you deserve to eat each day or if you are worthy of love when you see that number on the scale. Like W.T.F? Get out of this relationship! It’s killing you!

35. @simonemariposa

Stop focusing on all the recovery stuff that ‘might’ happen – “What if this happens, what if that happens??” Remember quote nr 19 – it’s mostly irrational fear, not likely to happen. So why give it so much power and energy? Instead, focus on all the amazing benefits that WILL happen when you recover – like, getting your life back for example! How about that little benefit?

36. @amalielee

  • Eating food saves you.
  • Letting go of restrictions saves you.
  • Gaining weight if your body wants to saves you.
  • Getting uncomfortable saves you.
  • Fighting back to the ED voice saves you.
  • Recovery bloating saves you.
  • Recovery saves you.

37. @brittpysar

Instead of focusing all your energy towards hating yourself, focus all your attention to becoming the person who you truly want to be. What you focus on is what will magnify.

38. @honorcurves

Having an eating disorder is never healthy. True health is not about your size or the way you eat but also how you FEEL. If you feel obsessed about foods, have endless cravings and guilt then how come this can ever be healthy?

39. @spookyfatbabe

The more you recover from the ED brainwash, the negative self-talk, blame, shame and guilt, the more healthy and happy you will be.

40. @finding.freed0m

Do not wait until some “perfect moment” happens or when you feel “ready” but take your destiny into your own hands and realise that you are the only boss of your future and reality. Take action NOW!

41. @learning.to.love.you

You focus so much on the numbers, the perfect meals, the dress size, the “healthiness” of your food, but in the meanwhile your life experiences vanish, your dreams collapse, your loved ones cry and the true you fades into the background.

42. @followtheintuition

As long as you don’t love yourelf right now, as you are, no amount of weight loss will ever be enough.

43. @spookyfatbabepower

Your body is just a vessel to experience this world. The true you is much more than your body. It’s your experiences, your soul, your dreams, your laughter, your joy, your heart. Start focusing on whats truly important and stop obsessing about the meaningless s***.

44. @recoverywarriorqueen

You can create happiness within yourself right now! You do not need to wait until you lose that 10 more pounds or when you can fit into the size zero jeans. Do not search for happiness – create it now in your heart!

45. @ambertheprofessional

What would you rather regret on your deathbed?

  • That you ate 100 calories less that day or that you ate the fuck you wanted and did not even think twice?
  • That you wore size zero while constantly obsessing about it or you wore the clothes that simply fit your body and focused on your dreams and goals instead?
  • That you “overate” that muffin and felt guilty or that you ate exactly what you wanted and enjoyed every bite of it?
  • That you stayed at home all summer because you “felt fat” or that you met the love of your life at a pool party with your friends?
  • That you spent your days counting calories and obsessively exercising or that you spend them simply living your life?

46. @learning.to.love.you

There are 1000x reasons to recover. All the recovery bad days will be worth it by getting your life back!

47. @bodypositivepear

Conclusion – whenever you feel like eating a poptart (or any other food), it’s ALWAYS the right choice!

48. @followtheintuition

Obsess about how gorgeous you are!

49. @madelynmoon

The more you try to control your weight and the food you eat the more out of control you feel. Your hunger and cravings increase. Your weight becomes unstable and unpredictable. You become obsessed! How is this “being in control”?

50. @bodyposipanda

You do not need a prettier face, flatter stomach, skinnier legs, lower weight…the only thing you desperately need is to love yourself!

10 thoughts on “50 Best Quotes On Instagram For Eating Disorder Recovery”

  1. I am printing out every one of these to create a deck for my eating disordered clients. Thank you so much for creating this resource. Amazing!!

  2. I can’t believe 2 of my old accounts made it on this list. Sharing motivation for recovery was so supportive of my own recovery. And now I am in a strong place with recovery years later. So happy to find this today when I was looking for quotes to write on sticky notes for a friends hospital room ♡

  3. Thank you so much for this. My daughter is in a residential eating disorder recovery center and I am writing all of these wonderful quotes on colored index cards to send her so she can have one to look at everyday to help keep her positive ❤

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