5 Reasons to Not Worry About “Unhealthy” Eating In Recovery

In eating disorder recovery it’s necessary to let go of all rules and restrictions and eat what you crave. But often times people find themselves craving predominately the “unhealthy foods”, processed foods or even junk foods. This is what they have restricted and understandably this is what they crave. But now they start to worry about nutrition – should they try to eat more healthy or should they trust and follow their body?

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Not Worry About “Unhealthy” Eating In Recovery”

  1. Is it really true that the muscels that I lost due to lack of calories will “appear” without exercise in recovery with right amount of cals?

    1. yes you will also gain muscle with nutritional rehabilitation, even when you don’t exercise. conversely, you can actually lose muscle if you eat too little as then the body needs to borrow energy from muscle for fuel. so eating enough is key for healthy muscle. muscle needs enough fuel to sustain.

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