5 BIGGEST MISTAKES That Delayed My Full Recovery

We all make mistakes and have our setbacks in eating disorder recovery. It can help us learn and grow stronger.

But making mistakes becomes a real big issue when they turn into endless relapses and result staying is quasi-recovery. Sometimes for months or even years and there seems to be no end to this.

So this is why I made a video for you where I share my top 5 biggest recovery mistakes I made that kept me stuck. Mistakes that made my recovery process much longer than it needed to be.

As I am fully recovered now I can look back and see what things delayed my recovery so you can learn from it and stop doing the same mistakes I did.

Seeing your comments, questions and working with my one on one clients these 5 biggest mistakes are very common and you are definitely not alone. But for a full recovery, you absolutely must learn from them and change your course of action.

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