4 Steps To REWIRE Your Brain // Eating Disorder Recovery

When it comes to reaching full recovery from an eating disorder you absolutely need to learn how to rewire your brain.

Just stopping restriction and focusing on physical recovery is not enough. A lot of the eating disorder thoughts and behaviors start in your mind, specifically in your brain, before they manifest physically.

This is why eating disorders are known to be mostly mental disorders even though they have a lot of physical symptoms.

So in today’s video, I want to give you a simple 4 step process on how to rewire your brain.

4 Steps To Rewire Your Brain

STEP 1: Become aware

STEP 2: Relabel

STEP 3: Reframe

STEP 4: Apply consistency and repetition

In the video, I explain each step so you can start with this process today. I also recommend you to read a great book about this topic “You Are Not Your Brain” where you can learn more about brain rewiring specifics.

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