10 Things That Help Me COPE, RELAX & DE-STRESS (coping skills)

Many people go through a lot of stress in recovery as it’s quite an anxiety-provoking task to face your biggest fears.

And in a stressful situation, they can really struggle with finding alternative coping skills as all the eating disorder behaviors are what they have known and are too familiar with.

When they feel triggered it’s way too easy to go back to those old habits. Because when the emotional tsunami hits us it feels quite impossible to think rationally or act in a mindful way.

So that’s why in today’s video I will share with you some simple little things I do to take care of myself, to de-stress, relax and cope. And hopefully, it will offer you some ideas of alternative coping skills you can add into your recovery.

Reducing stress is so important for your hormonal health, getting your period back, for a good night sleep. So do not underestimate the importance of this step!

2 thoughts on “10 Things That Help Me COPE, RELAX & DE-STRESS (coping skills)”

    1. Im so sorry to hear about your son…This is a whole another type of stress, I think its best to seek in-person help with this and talk to someone you can trust or a professional.

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