One-on-one Skype call with Elisa


The Skype Consultation with Elisa was extremely helpful. I've been in recovery from anorexia for five months now, on my own, and having the chance to ask questions and discuss important phases of recovery with Elisa really gave me more faith and confidence that full recovery is possible. I would recommend this to anyone, Elisa has vast knowledge on eating disorders and she is a lovely person whose sincere intention is to help others to get their life, happiness and freedom back.

- Anni-Elina, Netherlands

Wow! My Skype Consultation with Elisa was just what I needed and more than I expected. Being able to talk with her “in person” helped me so much. This one hour session was perfect for someone like me who has a few questions and needs some reassurance from one who understands. She left me believing that I have what it takes to recover. Thanks, Elisa!

- Natasha, US


This call is all about YOU. As every recovery is very personal and unique we will discuss the specific things you need. 

Recovery can be tough and scary. This call can be a perfect way to get support, motivation, encouragement and guidance.

During recovery you may have a lot of questions you want to be answered. In this call you can ask me any questions you want about recovery and intuitive eating.

I respect your privacy. The call can be done with video or without video - you decide! Also, all you personal info will stay private.

The timing of this call is very flexible. Together we will find out the perfect time for you to make the call.

Elisa has helped me SO MUCH! I have read countless books on recovering from eating disorders and they were all just triggers that made me worse, except for Elisa's book. After reading her book I finally felt a change in my life. What also REALLY helped me along my path to recovery was consulting with her on Skype. I was doing really well on my path to recovery, but then I got triggered and felt myself sliding back to my old ways, so I thought I would talk to Elisa on Skype, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to remind me why I needed to continue on my path to recovery and not go back to dieting. Elisa has changed my life, and I just want to tell everybody. - Amanda, US

It's been 8 months since I bought your book and stopped dieting. Your book and videos gave me so much hope that that I could be free of my eating disorder. Everything you said would happen is exactly how it happened for me - it is just crazy! I stopped dieting> stopped binging immediately > overeating/extreme hunger > gained some weight> got scared >struggled to not go back to old habits> issues with body image> kept going (skype calls really helped!) > felt less bloated > stopped overeating > started eating intuitatevely > no bloating> weight normalized > FEEL GREAT...really really normal! I just never thought it was possible for me and I am so thankful that you take the time to share what you know. - Nadine, US


If you don't have Skype You can download it here (it's very easy): or we can also use Facetime.


Payment of 80$ USD is done via PayPal link after we have scheduled the call. Paypal accepts all the major credit and debit cards. It's fast and secure.


One-on-one Skype call with Elisa