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On this website, you will learn everything I know about eating disorders, diets and physical and mental recovery. I talk about the uncomfortable recovery issues such as bloating, extreme hunger and weight gain. I give my best tips to get back your normal hunger cues and intuitive eating. Also, about mental recovery - how to stop the eating disorder from telling you what to do and how to have a healthy body image. I may also, from time to time, add in some of my personal life bits and bobs ;)

The site name "Follow the Intuition" means following your body's internal signals and wisdom. Thinking independently and trusting your intuition. Doing what works for you! This does not only go with food and eating but can be applied to all aspects of life. On this website, I predominately talk about my own experiences and things I believe in, things I have learned and know to be true, but this does not mean it will resonate 100% the same way for every individual. I trusted my own body, my own intuition and I did not follow anybody's advice to the T. I took what worked and made sense and skipped everything else! It is ok to tweak things little bit here and there if needed to make things work specifically for YOU!


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