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Mental Block, Fear, How To Let Go, Stretched Stomach, My Hair // Q&A #3

How to let go of your mental blocks in recovery? How to overcome fear? How do you just let go? All this is answered in this recovery Q&A video!

Q&A #1 video
Q&Q #2 video


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Can’t Feel Hunger? How to Know If Fully Recovered? Children and Intuitive Eating? // Q&A #1

This is the Part 1 of the Q&A video series I’m doing 🙂 In this video, I’m giving advice on how to start making your hunger cues more normal, what it means to be “fully recovered”, and how to approach the subject of children and intuitive eating?

Links mentioned in the video:
My recovery book “Brainwashed”:
Homeodynamic Recovery Method:
What means “full recovery”?:
Book “Intuitive Eating”:
Web link about children and intuitive eating:

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How Long Will Eating Disorder Recovery Take?

Many times is get asked, “So…how long does it take to recover from an eating disorder?” Is it 1 year, 2 or 3 years…or even 7 years? What can you expect from your recovery? How to recover as quickly as possible? How to “speed up” this process? What matters the most in all of this? These are some of the things I will discuss in today’s video.

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