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I Am Not Hungry But I Still Want Cake! // Intuitive Eating

Last week I had a conversation with a woman who is trying to practice intuitive eating and listening to her body. To eat when hungry, stop when full in order to restore a healthy relationship with food and eating. But she went to a party and after a meal she felt full but then came the round of dessert and cake was offered. She wasn’t hungry but felt like eating the cake, after all, everybody else did and seemed to have no problem with it. So should she go by fullness and only eat the cake when she gets hungry again or should she eat the cake just because she felt like it even when she wasn’t particularly hungry? What is a normal or intuitive thing to do?

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Intuitive Eating Will Not Work If You Have THIS Mindset

In today’s video I talk about this ONE mindset that is holding you back from becoming an intuitive eater and returning back to normal hunger cues. I have seen for many people THIS mindset is what is standing in their way to complete freedom. Do not let anything stop you from full recovery because the good news is – you have 100% power to change it! It is hard, but you CAN change it!

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Eat Whatever, Whenever And However Much You Want // Intuitive Eating

One part of intuitive eating is to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and however much you want – to have complete freedom with foods. It’s important to listen to your inner wisdom and not external rules and restrictions, to be in tune with your body and trust its signals. There is definitely more to intuitive eating beyond eating whatever and whenever but in this video I will focus on explaining this one principle.

Recovery calories guidelines:

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Super Lazy Saturday Vlog // Life After Bulimia // Eating Intuitively

Follow me around having a super lazy Saturday! Reading, strolling around, watching a TV show, playing with my cat, eating yummy food 🙂 Life after bulimia and orthorexia recovery is just…a normal life! Also, I show you some bits of what I eat now but keep in mind this is only one day and every day is different – I just follow my body and eat whatever I feel like.

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5 Tips for Healthy Non-Restrictive Eating After Orthorexia | Intuitive Eating

Why we develop an eating disorder differs for everybody. For some, it is a result of a traumatic life event or body-image problems developed in childhood. Some have weight issues and resort to calorie restrictive dieting that messes up their hunger cues and their eating becomes disordered. But for many, it can also start from a health issue that leads them to make drastic diet changes which later develops into an eating disorder.

For me, my eating disorder started with a health issue. In my early twenties, I had acne and after trying numerous ways to get rid of it (creams, treatments, medication..) I concluded that I had to make a fundamental diet change. I left out dairy products, minimized sugar and other processed foods. At first, there was no problem and I even felt much better. But over time I became more and more rigid with rules and restrictions, started to leave out more foods from my diet in hopes of achieving my “peak health”. But I went overboard with it. Big time. I developed bulimia and orthorexia as a result.

Last year I posted an article about Orthorexia and how I overcame my obsession of purity. So please read that to know my story. But in short, I had to let go of the “clean eating” mindset in order to recover and find freedom around foods and eating. But I have also said many times that eating healthy is important but it’s all about the MINDSET of how we approach it.

It’s all about the MINDSET of how we approach it.

Just because I overcame orthorexia does not mean I now eat junk foods all the time and do not care about nutrition at all. I practice intuitive eating and listen to my body of what foods sound good for me to eat at any given day. I do not have any rules or restrictions around foods. But intuitive eating does not solely consist of listening to your taste buds with no regards to how some foods make you feel or paying no attention to your health. Intuitive eating is also about listening to your brain, using your nutritional knowledge and having some common sense around foods. It’s about listening to your body as a whole.

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[FREE Video Course] 6 Steps To Recover From An Eating Disorder!

Today I have something very EXCITING to share with you! I have been secretly working on this for the past 3 months to surprise you!!! 🙂

It’s a FREE recovery video course: “6 Steps To Recover From An Eating Disorder”. I created this to help you on your recovery journey!

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