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Your Ideal Vision Of Full Recovery // Law of Attraction // Eating Disorder Recovery

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In this video, I want to teach you a way you can set your mindset to be aligned with full recovery. How you can bring recovery into your life using the law of attraction.

This is something I did even before I knew how to recover. One thing I love about the Law of Attraction is that you actually don’t have to know how exactly you will get what you want but if you just ask and align your vibration to what you want then the universe will find a way to lead you there.

I will give you some practical writing exercises you can do to write down what is your goal with full recovery. If you don’t know what is your goal you will just wander around aimlessly. So it’s very important to set your goal so you can make sure that what you are doing is aligned with your goal or if you have gone off course.

1. Write down your ideal version of full recovery. 

Write it in the PRESENT tense, as it would already be true. Write what you WANT, not what you don’t want. Write it in a way that makes you feel great and happy. Really get into the feeling of it because the most powerful way to attract something is to align the vibration to match what it is you want. Write as many details as you can.

Some questions to help:

  • How would your eating be like in full recovery?
  • What would you think about when you eat?
  • How is the relationship with food and your body?
  • What would a normal day look like for you in a full recovery?
  • What your days consists of? Where do you go and what do you do?
  • How do you feel being fully recovered?
  • Why is full recovery worth it now as you are recovered?

2. Write out who you want to be and what kind of relationship you want to have with yourself and your body. 

This is where you can design the beliefs and mindsets you want to have. Do not worry if you don’t have those things right now but write what you want and also in present tense, as if this is who you are already. For example “I love and accept myself just the way I am, I believe I’m worth happiness and good things in my life and I attract them every day”.

Some questions to help get the process started:

  • How do you feel about yourself? (your future self)
  • How do you speak to yourself?
  • What words best describe you?
  • How is your life different now?
  • What do you think when you get dressed?
  • What do you think about when you are around food?
  • What are you thinking when you see yourself in the mirror?
  • What do you make time for? 
  • How do you accept compliments?
  • How do you think and feel around other people?

Keep these things in mind…

If you did these writing exercises then great but there are a couple of more things I want to mention.

1) Align your vibration. You have to read what you wrote down each day. And do not just read it but put a feeling to it, feel the way you would feel as if this was already true. Asking what you want is not enough, you must create the same vibration in your body and mind as if it were already in your present.

2) Fully focus on it. You have to start living and breathing your goal and have a mindset of “I will do whatever it takes”. You must start to meditate on it, visualize it and talk about it constantly. In other words, you need to constantly focus on your Ideal Vision of Full Recovery. Because what you focus on daily is what you get. If your focus is on negativity and why you can’t recover then you simply won’t recover. What you focus on is what you are attracting.

3) Take action. You can’t just write down your goal and hope it all falls into your lap. No, you need to start taking constant action. Seek help for recovery, read and consistently follow the recovery road. The action you take on a daily basis is either getting you towards recovery or it’s getting you more towards another relapse. So you have to ask yourself “is what I am focusing and doing right now getting me closer to recovery or if it’s just leading me away from it?” And then follow the way that leads towards recovery. Any day you are following the eating disorder is just keeping you away from reaching your goal – the full recovery.

If you want to see more similar videos then I have done another video on my Youtube channel where I talk about how I used the Law of Attraction to get to full recovery. You can see the video here:

Hope this helps in your journey! Know that full recovery is possible and already waiting for you! All you need to do is aim for nothing less than full recovery, take consistent daily action, and keep going!

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How to Deal With Negative Comments & Judgemental People in Eating Disorder Recovery (10 tips!)

One of the very common questions I get is how to deal with negative comments and judgemental people in eating disorder recovery? “I feel everyone is judging me because of my weight gain…“, “I bet they wonder why I eat so much when before I was this athletic healthy fit girl…”, “They must think I am fat and have let myself go…”, “Someone asked me if I’m pregnant”, “She was so surprised of my weight gain and told me to ‘not go too far with this’…” UGHHH!!! These are just a view examples.

Dealing with triggering people and triggering comments in recovery is hard and can make many people relapse back to restriction. Today’s culture is soaked with diet messages and everybody seems to have this diet mindset so no wonder we get so frustrated when nobody seems to understand we are just trying to get out of this brainwash! To get truly healthy again, for our physical and mental wellbeing.

To help you deal with this I want to give you my 10 thoughts on this subject. What is a more helpful way to look at it. To keep going despite all the judgemental comments, triggering people and the diet messages all around us.

1. We all want to feel accepted

We all want to feel a sense of connection and belonging, being understood by others and to feel validated. It’s a basic human need and it’s healthy. But it can become very unhealthy when we rather choose to follow an unhealthy behavior just to get that validation and approval from others but, at the same time, putting our own true needs aside. With eating disorder recovery we must keep on recovering despite the fact that many people won’t understand us or even accept our change. We need to recover because of our own health and well-being, not for others. People who really love you will stay by your side no matter what.

2. Most people have no idea what recovery is like

Most people have no idea what eating disorders really are, how recovering from it looks like or what it takes. Even close family members or friends who maybe know that you are recovering still might be clueless what you are actually going through. Talking about it and letting them know will help but if they make triggering comments then just know that they likely have no idea what you are going through, or exactly what to say or not to say. Try to put yourself in their shoes to understand where they are coming from. They might mean well but just don’t know what is the best way to express it. So if someone says a triggering comment you can’t take it like it’s from a person who knows what is right for you. It’s very likely they actually have no idea about recovery and the reality of it. So you must stay true to what you know is best for you.

3. People have skewed beliefs about food and weight

It’s unfortunate that so many people in today’s world have the diet mindset. The idea that weight gain is always something bad and weight loss means a person is getting “healthy”. Also, they might have the “good and bad” food mindset and comment on your food not because they know whats right for you, but just because their belief system is soaked with diet messages. Many people are brainwashed by diets and believe its messages whether consciously or unconsciously. It comes from their own messed up belief and the diet mindset. Even normal people who have never dieted themselves can still have diet mindset -skewed ideas about food, eating, and weight. They want to push their belief system on to you but you don’t have to take it. Just because someone is commenting on something does not mean they are right and you should listen. Most of it is just someone’s opinion. So don’t confuse facts with opinion.

4. Many people are brainwashed by diets

Many people are dieting themselves. It can be your co-workers, family members, your friends or even your partner. People who are dieting will be triggered by YOU if they see you are stepping away from diets. And they can make negative or triggering comments because they need to validate what THEY are doing to make themselves feel better about their own beliefs. We all want to be right so if someone is dieting and makes negative comments about you it’s THEIR problem, not yours. You don’t need to approve what they are doing by accepting the negative comment as the truth. Know that it’s their own diet brainwash. And one thing for sure in life is this: there are very few facts.

5. Nobody is thinking about you as much as you do

People are generally the most focused on their own lives. In reality, nobody is going around and thinking about you all day or the way you look or eat. The news flash is that you are not that important or special to anybody, most people are rather worried about their own lives! And even if someone comments or thinks about your weight or eating for a few seconds of their day is it really worth it to spend your WHOLE life in an eating disorder? Just to make sure those ignorant people can’t comment on what you do? It’s like you are living for THEM, not for yourself.

6. By needing everybody’s approval you give your power away

If you keep needing validation from others and needing to hear everybody’s positive comments about you, then you will forever keep on waiting! If you live for others approval and always try to please everybody then you will give away your power. You literally make your happiness dependant on other people and it’s a very unhealthy place to be. If someone’s comment can either make you or break you in a blink of an eye and decide if you gonna feel great or not that day you give your happiness to someone else. It’s a trap, a trap of lifelong unhappiness. But the key is to let go of that validation and focus on whats best for YOU! Focus on the people who truly love you and work on accepting yourself just as you are. Stop trying to get approval from everybody because it’s never gonna happen.

7. Accept yourself as you are

Even if someone is an evil person who wants to bring you down with their negative comments, just to make you feel bad, then why you want to please them by accepting their comments like it’s the truth? If someone wants to intentionally hurt you then you only feed that fire by trying to endlessly explain yourself, seek their approval and needing their validation. It’s best to get to a point when you realize that you don’t need to be liked or even approved by everybody. I’m sure you don’t like everybody on this planet so everybody does not have to like you as well! And that’s ok! If someone just doesn’t like you or support you then it’s totally ok and fine! Let go the need for being liked and approved by everybody. It’s not realistic. Instead, accept YOURSELF as you are, with all your “flaws” and “mistakes” and rather focus on being true to you! People who truly love you will support you.

“Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

8. Their negative comments about you are a reflection of themselves

If someone is making negative comments about your appearance or weight then it’s a reflection of their own messed up relationship towards their own body. They need to make negative comments about someone else just so they can feel better about themselves! Most judgemental people are also very judgemental of themselves. So instead of feeling hurt, feel compassion towards them because who knows what they have been through to become this bitter person who wastes their life thinking negatively about others. It’s a miserable life.

We all get old and nobody is immune to that. We might gain weight as we get older and experience increasing “imperfections” of our body: cellulite, wrinkles, age spots, injuries, health problems – welcome to the human body! If one can’t accept that then I feel sorry for them because they will forever live in self-hatred, feeling unworthy, not good enough, not accepting THEMSELVES. If their value system is based on weight and appearance then it’s very short-lasting. That’s a whole lot of misery for them! And if they waste their energy by focusing negativity on you, it’s THEIR WASTE of energy, they are poisoning their own body and brain with this toxic negativity. If anybody is making a negative comment about someone else then they might as well look in the mirror because this is the only person they are really hurting.

9. Have you ever thought that these are actually YOUR thoughts?

Sometimes we think that people spend all day judging us and secretly commenting on our weight and eating, but actually, have you ever thought that these are actually YOUR thoughts? You really don’t hear what they think about, so how can you know for sure? These are most likely your own fears about your own weight and eating. Just because you think this way DOES NOT mean everybody else must think about you the same way. And also, eating disorder will magnify your fears, eating disorder mind will notice any comment about weight or food and take it in the most negative way. It will take maybe otherwise well-meant comment and twist it into the biggest trigger in the world. Eating disorder likes to catastrophize every scenario, take it personally, become a victim so it can keep on feeding on that blame-game so you never take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.

10. Put your true self out there and practice!

Many people in recovery are worried about being judged by others. Whether it’s about their weight or way of eating. We can talk about it endlessly and discuss how to change your mindset, but you never actually overcome it unless you start practicing it in your daily life and facing the uncomfortable situations – eating out with others, attending family gatherings, going to clothes shopping, going to the beach, meeting a friend you have not seen for a long time, changing your OWN MINDSET. Starting with yourself first, not waiting until other people will change and stop commenting or judging you. The world we have today is, unfortunately, full of diet messages and unhealthy beliefs about food, eating, and our body. But you don’t need to become a victim and focus on how it stops you from recovery but take the responsibility to your own hands and give yourself the approval, validation, and support you need in recovery first and foremost!

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Seuss

If you want to learn more about recovery you can take my FREE video course “6 Steps To Recover From An Eating Disorder” or read my step by step recovery book “BrainwashED: Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In And How To Recover.”

Hope you found this video and information helpful!

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How To RECOVER ON YOUR OWN ♥ 5 Tips! // Eating Disorder Recovery

I recovered from my bulimia and orthorexia on my own. I mostly used the support and knowledge for my recovery I found online. I went through it by myself, being there for myself and pushing myself through even the hardest days possible.

Many people wonder how can they recover on their own? Is recovering on your own even possible? If so, then how to do it, what helps and what doesn’t? What helped me to go through recovery on my own? Find out in this video!

1. Supportive mindset. You need to change your mindset and become your own coach, cheerleader, best friend and support system. Learn from every experience, turn negative thoughts into positive and always look for solutions in things rather than focus on negativity.

2. Develop this skill…You have to develop a skill of going through fear and keep on going. Recovery will bring up a lot of irrational fears, doubts, and anxiety. But you need to go through it in order to recover.

3. Recovery must be your #1 priority. You can’t recover only when you feel motivated or when you have a good day. You have to recover even on the hardest days possible. No matter your work commitments, your school or stuff that also require your attention you must commit and find time to focus on recovery. You will not get 100% results if you only give 50% effort.

4. Soak yourself in the recovery information. You have to literally soak yourself in recovery information daily. You have to read, research, and seek the information that will encourage you to keep on recovering. Recovery is scary and hard but having the knowledge about how recovery works can make it a lot easier to always keep going and not stopping until you are fully there!

5. Build a support system. Build a support system around you that will keep you accountable and on track. Whether it’s your family, friends, your partner, or even an online community – it can all help. Do not underestimate the value of a strong support system. Eating disorder thrives in secrecy and keeping it all to yourself, therefore it can be crucial to open up about your recovery, seek for support and accountability.

If you want to learn more about recovery you can take my FREE video course “6 Steps To Recover From An Eating Disorder” or read my step by step recovery book “BrainwashED: Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In And How To Recover.”

Hope you found this video and information helpful!

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Anorexia Recovery // “I Was Bullied For Being Different” // Hanne Arts

See the video we did on Hanne’s channel:

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Hanne Arts is an anorexia survivor and in this video interview, she shares her anorexia recovery story. We talk about extreme hunger in eating disorder recovery, her weight gain struggles, recovery bloating, uncomfortable digestive issues, water retention, self-love and so much more!

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Recovered from Anorexia, Bulimia, Orthorexia and Exercise Addiction // Interview With Kayla Rose

Kayla Kotecki is a rebel Holistic Nutritionist focusing on helping people to recover from restrictive eating disorders, Bulimia, “diets” such as Fitness/Competing Dieting, over-exercising, Atkins/Ketogenic, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Raw Vegan/Fruitarian, and such, and other overly obsessive and restrictive disordered eating habits.

She has overcome years of anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction, orthorexia and extreme dieting behaviors. She emphasizes the importance of overcoming the self-hate and body shaming, as well as honing back into our bodies intuition so we can get over ourselves, and our fears around food, as to become normal eaters again.

Kayla’s mission is to help people recover their metabolisms, let go of the restrictions, get past the food fears, and redevelop a healthy relationship with food, as well as with their body. To help guide people back from the mental and physical damage and programming that is done from the media, modern society, the health and fitness industry, and other various popular “fad” diet trends.

And today, in this video interview, you can meet her and get to know even more of her story! She shares her recovery journey, what helped her and what misled her…I found her really inspiring so I know you will as well!

Also check out the video we did on Kayla’s channel:

Connect with Kayla:

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How I Finally LET GO My Eating Disorder

I have said many times in my videos that in order to fully recovery you must LET GO of your eating disorder. All the restrictive habits, behaviors and unhealthy mindsets that will only keep you stuck in the same old cycle. I admit this is much easier said than done…but I thought in this video I can share some of my experience what helped me to let go of my ED for good and reach to full recovery!

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I Don’t Know My Passion Or What I Like To Do Anymore!!! I’m So Confused Now After Recovery!

When you start to recover and get better a whole new life opens up to you. But many people have previously identified themselves with their eating disorder so now when it’s gone they suddenly realize they don’t know what they love to do or what are they passionate about? How to find your hobbies, interests, and passions after recovery? In this video, I share some of my experience, how it was like for me and how I found a new direction in my life after eating disorder recovery.

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Recovered From Food Obsession, Diet Mindset And Orthorexia // Recovery Success Story

Meet one of my best friends, Mariin 😊In today’s video interview she talks about her journey how she gained 16 kg (35 pounds) and got acne after stopping birth control pills. Then started to eat lots of raw foods, eating “clean” to lose the weight… but it came with a price – being obsessed with “healthy eating” and battling with constant cravings, fear, guilt and worry that comes from restriction. She is fully recovered now and can tell you HOW much her eating has changed since she stopped worshipping purity and accepted her body and intuition. How she got back to normal eating and what lessons she learned through her own recovery? Find out in the video!