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Anorexia Recovery // “I Was Bullied For Being Different” // Hanne Arts

See the video we did on Hanne’s channel:

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Hanne Arts is an anorexia survivor and in this video interview, she shares her anorexia recovery story. We talk about extreme hunger in eating disorder recovery, her weight gain struggles, recovery bloating, uncomfortable digestive issues, water retention, self-love and so much more!

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Recovered from Anorexia, Bulimia, Orthorexia and Exercise Addiction // Interview With Kayla Rose

Kayla Kotecki is a rebel Holistic Nutritionist focusing on helping people to recover from restrictive eating disorders, Bulimia, “diets” such as Fitness/Competing Dieting, over-exercising, Atkins/Ketogenic, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Raw Vegan/Fruitarian, and such, and other overly obsessive and restrictive disordered eating habits.

She has overcome years of anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction, orthorexia and extreme dieting behaviors. She emphasizes the importance of overcoming the self-hate and body shaming, as well as honing back into our bodies intuition so we can get over ourselves, and our fears around food, as to become normal eaters again.

Kayla’s mission is to help people recover their metabolisms, let go of the restrictions, get past the food fears, and redevelop a healthy relationship with food, as well as with their body. To help guide people back from the mental and physical damage and programming that is done from the media, modern society, the health and fitness industry, and other various popular “fad” diet trends.

And today, in this video interview, you can meet her and get to know even more of her story! She shares her recovery journey, what helped her and what misled her…I found her really inspiring so I know you will as well!

Also check out the video we did on Kayla’s channel:

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How I Finally LET GO My Eating Disorder

I have said many times in my videos that in order to fully recovery you must LET GO of your eating disorder. All the restrictive habits, behaviors and unhealthy mindsets that will only keep you stuck in the same old cycle. I admit this is much easier said than done…but I thought in this video I can share some of my experience what helped me to let go of my ED for good and reach to full recovery!

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I Don’t Know My Passion Or What I Like To Do Anymore!!! I’m So Confused Now After Recovery!

When you start to recover and get better a whole new life opens up to you. But many people have previously identified themselves with their eating disorder so now when it’s gone they suddenly realize they don’t know what they love to do or what are they passionate about? How to find your hobbies, interests, and passions after recovery? In this video, I share some of my experience, how it was like for me and how I found a new direction in my life after eating disorder recovery.

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Recovered From Food Obsession, Diet Mindset And Orthorexia // Recovery Success Story

Meet one of my best friends, Mariin 😊In today’s video interview she talks about her journey how she gained 16 kg (35 pounds) and got acne after stopping birth control pills. Then started to eat lots of raw foods, eating “clean” to lose the weight… but it came with a price – being obsessed with “healthy eating” and battling with constant cravings, fear, guilt and worry that comes from restriction. She is fully recovered now and can tell you HOW much her eating has changed since she stopped worshipping purity and accepted her body and intuition. How she got back to normal eating and what lessons she learned through her own recovery? Find out in the video!

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Super Lazy Saturday Vlog // Life After Bulimia // Eating Intuitively

Follow me around having a super lazy Saturday! Reading, strolling around, watching a TV show, playing with my cat, eating yummy food 🙂 Life after bulimia and orthorexia recovery is just…a normal life! Also, I show you some bits of what I eat now but keep in mind this is only one day and every day is different – I just follow my body and eat whatever I feel like.

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Recovered From Anorexia And Orthorexia // Interview With Ksusha Pistachio

Ksusha is a girl from Moscow who has a Russian Youtube channel where she shares her story about her recovery from anorexia and orthorexia. In this video interview, she tells us where it all started, how she begin recovery, how she gained healthy weight back and how is her eating and body image now. Hope you find it inspiring and helpful! 🙂

Watch the other video we did on Ksusha’s Youtube channel:

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recovery success
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Fully Recovered From Orthorexia And Binge Eating // Recovery Success Story [I LOVE the ending :)]

Anja is a girl from Slovenia who suffered from binge eating, orthorexia, and exercise addiction. A few years ago she reached out to me for recovery coaching/mentoring and we exchanged many emails. Her journey was not easy, full of trial and error, many ups and downs but because she just kept going and never gave up she is now fully recovered! She is eating normally and just following her body’s signals – something she thought will NEVER be possible! She says that reaching to full recovery is THE BEST thing she has ever done for herself! 🙂 Please see the full interview to hear more about her story and how she recovered!

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How to Deal With The Weight Gain In Eating Disorder Recovery? // Interview With Autumn Brianne

Autumn Brianne is a former model who is now recovering from years of restrictions and orthorexia. She is also a Youtuber sharing her recovery journey online. I saw one of her videos about her 40 lbs weight gain and contacted her for this interview. In this video, she will share her experience with the weight gain and can hopefully inspire many of you to let go of the control and just let your body recover and heal. She gives her best tips on how to deal with the weight gain mentally and emotionally, how her weight has redistributed so far and what kind of benefits she has experienced in the recovery. I hope you enjoy the interview!

See the other video we did together on Autumn’s Youtube channel:

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