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How I Finally LET GO My Eating Disorder

I have said many times in my videos that in order to fully recovery you must LET GO of your eating disorder. All the restrictive habits, behaviors and unhealthy mindsets that will only keep you stuck in the same old cycle. I admit this is much easier said than done…but I thought in this video I can share some of my experience what helped me to let go of my ED for good and reach to full recovery!

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I Am Not Hungry But I Still Want Cake! // Intuitive Eating

Last week I had a conversation with a woman who is trying to practice intuitive eating and listening to her body. To eat when hungry, stop when full in order to restore a healthy relationship with food and eating. But she went to a party and after a meal she felt full but then came the round of dessert and cake was offered. She wasn’t hungry but felt like eating the cake, after all, everybody else did and seemed to have no problem with it. So should she go by fullness and only eat the cake when she gets hungry again or should she eat the cake just because she felt like it even when she wasn’t particularly hungry? What is a normal or intuitive thing to do?

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Fastest Way To Get Over Fear Foods And Cravings

In this video, I share my experience what is the fastest way to get over your fear foods and cravings in recovery. I used to have so many fear foods and cravings – I came from orthorexia after all…but I learned what worked the best to end all my obsessions with foods. Hope you gonna find it helpful!

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Intuitive Eating Will Not Work If You Have THIS Mindset

In today’s video I talk about this ONE mindset that is holding you back from becoming an intuitive eater and returning back to normal hunger cues. I have seen for many people THIS mindset is what is standing in their way to complete freedom. Do not let anything stop you from full recovery because the good news is – you have 100% power to change it! It is hard, but you CAN change it!

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Eat Whatever, Whenever And However Much You Want // Intuitive Eating

One part of intuitive eating is to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and however much you want – to have complete freedom with foods. It’s important to listen to your inner wisdom and not external rules and restrictions, to be in tune with your body and trust its signals. There is definitely more to intuitive eating beyond eating whatever and whenever but in this video I will focus on explaining this one principle.

Recovery calories guidelines:

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Self-Love Affirmation ♥ I love and accept myself just the way I am

An affirmation is usually a sentence or a phrase that you repeat regularly to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe of your intention for it to be the truth. It’s a powerful tool to change your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, to reprogram your brain. It’s best to listen to this audio before falling asleep and right after you wake up because our subconscious mind is the most receptive at that times. But feel free to listen to it anytime you want! Hope you enjoy!

Download affirmation mp3:

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What To Do After A Binge?

What to do after a binge to not gain weight? Should you eat less the next meal or day? Should you cut out carbs, sugar, fat + do some extra cardio to burn it off? – This is the common thought patterns of today’s diet and weight obsessed society. But if you know anything about what I teach you can already guess what is my opinion on this. So here is some real truth of what you should do instead!

Calories for recovery:

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Why You 100% NEED To Get Uncomfortable In Eating Disorder Recovery

In this video, I talk about how all the common negative feelings like fear, anxiety, and panic are actually needed for you to experience and go through in recovery. Why and how they are part of the recovery journey and how to not take it as a sign of “GO BACK NOW!” but instead, just keep going! Why you can’t cheat recovery or skip parts of recovery – why you need to go through it all to fully recover!

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I Don’t Know My Passion Or What I Like To Do Anymore!!! I’m So Confused Now After Recovery!

When you start to recover and get better a whole new life opens up to you. But many people have previously identified themselves with their eating disorder so now when it’s gone they suddenly realize they don’t know what they love to do or what are they passionate about? How to find your hobbies, interests, and passions after recovery? In this video, I share some of my experience, how it was like for me and how I found a new direction in my life after eating disorder recovery.

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DELETE Your Eating Disorder From Your Brain!

Over the years you have repeated some kind of thoughts, behaviors and ED routines so many times that they become strongly wired in your brain and they form an automatic habit. But just as you can form new habits you can also DELETE old habits, the ones that do not serve you anymore. Your brain is capable to built new healthy habits and to prune old negative ones. In this video, I talk about exactly how you can do it!


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