Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In And How To Recover

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Kathryn Hansen, bestselling author of "Brain over Binge"

BrainwashED is an important read for anyone who has developed harmful eating behaviors after a restrictive diet. This book draws from the author’s personal experience and her experience helping others, as well as sound research into the inefficacy of diets and many other issues that affect the recovery process. Elisa’s enthusiasm for guiding women and men out of the trap of dieting is evident on every page, and this book will surely help many move toward a life free of disordered eating.

BrainwashED is a very informative and liberating read for those who struggle with diet after diet and, as a result, are stuck in unhealthy eating patterns. Using her own experience of healing from bulimia/orthorexia along with a wealth of research, Elisa Oras shows us the dangers of restrictive eating and it’s impact on both physical and emotional health. She shares a path from disordered thinking to a more balanced and intuitive relationship with food and is very honest about her failures as well as her successes. This a refreshing and inspiring book that is clearly from the heart.

Davina Chessid, bestselling author of "Food Crazy Mind"


I gave 5 stars for this book only because it deserves it. All of them. Elisa is speaking through my heart and my soul. Her words were a shockwave for me. Especially for people with eating disorders, or their relatives, is by far the most helpful book I've read for such a long time.

- Eva

I wouldn't have thought one book could totally change the way I think about food and dieting - but this one has. As I was reading the author's own experience of eating disorder and recovery I found that I could relate to what she was saying. It all made sense and it was as if everything clicked into place.

- Catherine

This book is such common sense in a world gone crazy with diet gimmicks and weight loss fads! It's an invitation to learn how to listen to your own body and what it truly needs. I highly recommend it!" - Michelle"I know that if I would have read BrainwashED at any point during my attempts to recover, it had catapulted my results and I would have had so many more happy and healthy years. The overall tone she uses is both professional and approachable, with relatable language and expressions that my best friends could have written. Everything is very well researched and persuasive – I guarantee you, this book brings along a new and powerful mindset that can fight off any disordered eating. - A.

As someone who has suffered with an eating disorder for as long as I can remember, I have read a lot of books on the subject. This intelligent and engaging book explains the approach that Elisa takes. It combines scientific research, with positive and encouraging words, that uplift the soul. It also helps that she has been through the experience of recovery herself, so you know that she really gets how it feels. If you have ever suffered from an eating disorder, or even if you are stuck in a dieting cycle, please don't hesitate to buy this book. It could change your life, as it's changing mine. - Amazon customer

Do you feel out of control with food? Trapped in your body? Are you constantly overeating, not knowing how to stop or why it happens? Gaining weight and unable to maintain a healthy weight? Are you obsessed with foods 24/7? Eating emotionally? Trying to eat healthy and do the right thing only to fall off the wagon? Do you feel you’re not in control of your body, mind, or the food you eat? Maybe you have no idea how you got into this, or how to get out?

If you answered yes to all or any of those questions, then you are exactly where I was several years ago. I developed bulimia and orthorexia without even realizing it. It completely invaded my mind and body. I could not control my eating or my weight. I thought I was doing the best I could to eat healthy, but I just could not stop overeating and throwing up, continuing the cycle of self-hate and bingeing. I was astonished that a mentally stable person could suddenly turn into a nutcase when it came to food. How could I not be in control of what I was eating or feeling? How did this happen?

In this book, I will explain how something as simple as a diet change or wanting to be healthy and lose weight can turn into an eating disorder. I’ll show how you get sucked into the never-ending binge-starve-repeat cycle and what you can do to get out and recover.

I'm so happy I stumbled across this book. Even if you don't have a full-blown eating disorder, but you are obsessed with food and trying new diets and are always unhappy with the results, this book will likely help and enlighten you. - Miss Olive


Scientific proof how dieting and restriction can spiral into an eating disorder and how to step out of the dieting merry-go-hell. 

Essential steps for physical recovery. What you need to implement ASAP in order to start your recovery.

How to achieve full mental recovery. Things you need to know about eating disordered thoughts and how to train your brain to have a mindset of a normal eater.

What are the recovery symptoms and what is the best way to deal with them. Surprising facts how our body goes through recovery that you need to know!

How to recover normal hunger signals so you can eat when hungry, stop when full and never feel out of control with foods again!

This book really helped a lot of my fears weaved into my recovery and what to expect. I found myself going back and re reading just to fully grasp the content. Battling anorexia for 4 years and going into recovery mode again, this has been a useful and helpful tool. Worth the read! - April


>     Recover from eating disorders and disordered eating habits

>     Eat when hungry, stop when full naturally

>     Lose all desire to binge and overeat. No more cravings!

>     Eat whatever you want, when you want and how much you want.

>     No guilt or obsessions around foods!

>     Normal metabolism and healthy hormones!

>     Improved body image and mental health!

>     Maintain a healthy weight effortlessly even without having to exercise!


Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In And How To Recover

10$ (PDF Book)

This was just the book I needed to help me start recovering. It is very well written and the advice is practical and very easy to follow. I recommend this book to anyone who may be having some issues with food, exercising, or poor body image. I'm just a week into implementing some of her suggestions and I feel much better already. I am noticing positive changes in my attitude towards food and I'm physically feeling better too. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would!! Thank you so much Elisa for your wonderful book, it truly is changing my life for the better! - Amanda