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brain delete button

DELETE Your Eating Disorder From Your Brain! Over the years you have repeated some kind of thoughts, behaviors and ED routines so many times that they become strongly wired in your brain and they form an automatic habit. But just as you can form new habits…
unhealthy eating

5 Reasons to Not Worry About “Unhealthy” Eating In Recovery In eating disorder recovery it's necessary to let go of all rules and restrictions and eat what you crave. But often times people find themselves craving predominately the "unhealthy foods", processed foods or even junk foods. This is what…

How Diets Mess Up Your Body And Mind!

[This article is an excerpt from my book “BrainwashED: Diet-Induced Eating Disorders. How You Got Sucked In And How To Recover”] Some people think that “healthy” restriction is okay – that you have to restrict to remain healthy and not become…
burns calories

How A Healthy Body Burns Off “Excess” Calories With No Dieting Or Exercise "But what if I do overeat? How come I won't become overweight or obese by doing this? If I eat more I need to restrict or exercise to compensate! Otherwise, the excess calories will turn into fat and I…