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diet mindset

Why Am I Still Bingeing If I’m Not Restricting? // Diet Mindset But what if you are not restricting or dieting anymore but you still find yourself bingeing or overeating? Is there something else you are maybe missing? Some way you ARE still restricting but are just not aware of it?
i need to be thin

Being thin will make me happy…but I’m willing to make myself absolutely miserable in this process Think being skinny and thin will make you happy? Even when you have to suffer physically and mentally in the process? Sounds like pure bliss!
public speaking

12 Years of FEAR of Public Speaking & Stage Fright // How I Overcame This video is a bit different of what I normally speak about but thought maybe you would be interested to know how I managed to overcome my 12 years of FEAR of public speaking and stage fright.
intuitive eating

What I Ate // Intuitive Eating Is NOT Perfect! A bit different day of intuitive eating... As you can see in this video sometimes intuitive eating is NOT perfect (or should I say it's NEVER perfect, yup!). Life happens and you just go with it :)