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exercise in recovery

Will I Get Fat When I Stop Exercising? // Eating Disorder Recovery In this video I answer one of your questions: "Will I get fat when I stop exercising?" I talk about 2 primarily things needed to start your recovery, what is my experience, and what I recommend for you! How…
mental hunger

Should I Respond To MENTAL HUNGER In Eating Disorder Recovery? In this video I answer a question about mental hunger and if you should respond to it? Why you get this mental hunger in the first place and how to get back to intuitive eating, eating when hungry, stopping…
emotional eating

EMOTIONAL EATING and what many people just DON’T realise… In this video I talk about emotional eating, what is my experience and research. Are you really "eating emotionally" or is there actually something else going on? And even if you are eating emotionally is this really a…
trial and error

How To Practice Intuitive Eating Through Trial And Error Process My book: You cannot learn intuitive eating just from books or listen to someone else's advice and experience. You have to actually DO IT and learn from it as you go, learn about your own body and following…