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intuitive eating what i ate

Intuitive Eating // What I Ate // Chatty VLOG Another day of intuitive eating! Follow me around and see what I ate today! This is a more chatty vlog where I show you some bits of my day, share my thoughts and what I do! Hope you enjoy!…
hanne arts anorexia recovery

Anorexia Recovery // “I Was Bullied For Being Different” // Hanne Arts See the video we did on Hanne's channel: Connect with Hanne: ♥ JUST PERFECT: ♥ RED RIBBONS: ♥ Blog: ♥ Instagram: ♥ Snapchat: hannearts ♥ Official website: ♥ Facebook: Hanne Arts is…
overshooting set point weight

Overshooting Set Point Weight And Why It’s Needed // Eating Disorder Recovery This video is about overshooting your set point weight in eating disorder recovery, why it's much needed and healthy for you the same way extreme hunger is normal and natural in recovery. Many people who recover from anorexia or…
intuitive eating day

A Day Of Intuitive Eating // What I Ate Join me for a full day of intuitive eating. What I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! What does normal eating look like after eating disorder recovery when you just eat whatever you want, whenever you want and…